Top 5 home remedies for weight gain for women in one month

Are you in that minority group whose weight sheds faster than you can gain? Do you hit the gym regularly to gain weight and not to loose? You might be only one or two in a flock of whose searching for weight gain foods for women rather than loosing it. Are you tired of munching on and hogging food every hour and yet staying skinny and lean? Here are some amazing weight gains foods for vegetarian that will help you keep your tummy full and gain weight.

Home remedies for weight gain in one month 

A glass full of milk along with a banana – this is an age old recipe for weight gain. Grandma’s recipe can never fail to impress you after all. This can be included in your daily routine’s drink.

Banana and Milk


  1. Clarified butter – mix a tablespoon of sugar and clarified butter. Eat this concoction empty stomach for a month at least. You will see the magic of weight gain. Obviously it’s not going to be an instant thing.
  2. Pair a mongo and a glass of milk – if you are not a banana lover and you’re a mongo lover instead, pair up your milk with a mango. And when there are no mangoes, get back to the basics.
  3. Peanut butter are power packed – add peanut butter on to your bread, daily. Peanut butter is power packed with high amount of calories. Spread peanut butter on your bread slice and have it in your breakfast with a glass full of milk.
  4. Afternoon nap is as important – take enough and proper rest in the afternoon as well. Just as a good night sleep is important, your afternoon nap is as important for your weight to remain constant.

These vegan diet plans for weight gain are simple and best and does not have any side effects how so ever.

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