Some Home Remedies for severe throat infection

Throat infection and sore throat is caused by many things. Throat is the most sensitive area that gets affected when you are not well. You know you are going to fall down with high fever; your throat will get sore immediately. Your body fights with infection when you are not well. This is called your immunity to fight with viruses that are present in the body.

There are many reasons for a sore throat. It may happen that you tend to shout regularly, the glands that surround your throat tend to get abrasive. Due to this abrasion, your throat might hurt. Various sore throat or throat infection remedies can be found at home easily. There can be pain, cough or cold when you have any throat infection. The most common symptom that maximum numbers of people face is the ear and throat pane on one side or on either sides. This is the most common symptom that many people complain of. But throat infection symptoms in babies can be different.

Listed below are many natural and home remedies that can ease out and soothe down the infection and the pain that is caused.

Drink luke warm water


When you’re throat is infected, it pains a lot while you swallow something. This pain can be aggravated if you keep on drinking chilled or cold water. It is advisable not only to take syrup for sore throat, but besides this, it is also recommended that one should drink warm water. This eases out and soothe down the pain.

Honey with few drops of ginger squeeze

Take a spoonful of honey; add a few drops of ginger liquid. Take this mixture as syrup and a pain reliever.

Raw garlic

Consuming one or two cloves of garlic every morning before your breakfast – empty stomach acts as an anti fungal medicine. Garlic has anti septic properties, thus relieves ear and throat pain on one side immediately.

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