Prevent that baldness – remedies for preventing hair fall

Whether a male or a female, luscious, healthy and shiny hair are what we want. But one thing is common in both – the hair fall problem. It is the most common problem that people today are facing. Premature graying of hair, excessive dandruff, hair fall, drying of hair and many other problems are related with hair. And we all search for different products and remedies to cure these.

Why do we shampoo our hair regularly? Why do we oil our hair once/twice a week? Juts as our body needs nourishment, likewise our hair too needs proper nourishment. Researches say that men face hair loss quite early as compared to females. However, baldness is hereditary as well. But here are some hair fall remedies for men; they too need to take care of their hair.

Remedies –

  1. There are many products in the market that prevents hair fall related problems. Use shampoos that suit your scalp and your hair type.
  2. Dandruff is also the main root cause of hair fall. If you notice excessive dandruff, consult your doctor or use some mild and dermatologically tested shampoo.
  3. Regular hair oiling is recommended and is mandatory. As oil nourishes your hair from deep within. This is a natural hair growth product at home.
  4. Though it is next to impossible to say that how to grow hair faster in 2 days, yet it is something that can be achieved over a period of time. If you oil your hair at least twice a week and wash it with the shampoo that suits your hair, you will surely notice the difference.

Use home made hair packs like egg white and yoghurt. Applying these once a week, will surely fetch you wondrous results.

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