Home Remedies To Cure High Fever And Blood Pressure In Child Instantly

High fever is really a very painful experience for children. Loss of appetite, headache really weakens their bodies. It also affects the health and overall functions of the body. High fever has high risks of entering into the brain in children. So here are some ways which will tell you how to reduce fever in child naturally.

Baby ailing and lying measuring electric thermometer

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is warm and is one f the best natural ways to reduce the high fever instantly. Feed your child thrice a day with hot chicken soup.


Yarrow is an herb which has the quality to treat the high fever immediately. Either makes an infusion or just makes a fine paste using water and yarrow in a mixer and feed your child with it twice a day.

High blood pressure is today found in children also. Not treating them could be dangerous as they increase the chance of heart attack and are also a cause of other troubles like vomiting and indigestion in children. Here, we will give you some home remedies for esr which are just one way to treat this problem in children.

Raw Almonds

Raw almonds cure hypertension, anxiety and other related trouble s. The best thing it does it cures the trouble of high blood pressure in children. Just let your child consume 10 almonds on the daily basis.


Your child might not like its taste but garlic is one of the best home remedies for high blood pressure instantly in children.


Spinach is good for eyes and also for the overall health of the body. Magnesium and floated are present in it in huge quantity and they are best in shooting away from the high blood pressure problems in children as well as in adults.

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