Home Remedies For Itchy Eye And High Fever In Adults

Eyes are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of the human body. This is why they are prone to serious injuries as well. Only thin eyelids are present as their protective cover. Eye itching is a common symptom nowadays. Eyes are also prone to allergies like other parts of the body. The entrance of foreign particles in the eyes is also one of the causes for itchy eyes. To cure your eyes, we have listed some home remedies for the itchy eye which could be helpful for you. Read on..

Home remedies for the itchy eye

Use Cucumber

Take a fresh and chilled cucumber and cut two round slices. Use it on your eyes until they turn warm.

Ice Pack

This is one of the simplest home remedies for itchy eyelids and eyes. Just take an ice pack, put ice in it and place it on the affected eye/eyelids. Keep it in the eyes till you can. Remove for few seconds and put it again. Within minutes your eyes will feel better.

Use Used Tea Bags

Refrigerate and put the chilled (used) tea bags on the itchy eyes. You will get relief within a few minutes.

We also have some home remedies for high fever in adults as fever really takes a toll on a person’s health. It is never a pleasant experience and causes irritating experiences of vomiting and loss of appetite. Try these home remedies.

Squeezed tea bag on white background


At Cold Grapes

Eating cold grapes provide a soothing treat and also protect you from dehydration in fever.

Consume Cayenne

Sprinkle Cayenne in your food as its main content (capsaicin) which promotes a lot of sweating. This helps to increase the blood circulation and makes your body temperature and fever reducer.

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