Home Remedies for Emergency Toothache Relief

One of the nastiest problems is toothache. Your entire mind gets focused on one pain and the entire day will go in vain and undoubtedly it is really painful. It often happens when you tooth nerve gets exposed and other fluids and food start to affect it. In this case, you should immediately go and see your dentist as soon as possible. For emergency toothache relief, here are some remedies that you can carry out at home and get at least a little relief.

Emergency Toothache Relief At Home:

Saltwater rinse:

While you cannot reach the dentist a salt water rinse will give you much-needed relief. Mix ½ teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water and rinse your mouth. Do not swallow the mix spit it out. You can also remove any stuck food particles.

Cold compress:

If you have knocked the tooth loose or chipped it off. Chances are that you will have a swollen face too. Swelling also might mean that you have pus in the roots. This pus might get a little more dangerous for other tooth and gums. In this situation, a cold press might be of great use. If you have fever or red gums, immediately go for cold press and meet your dentist as soon as possible.



Take some ice and put in the hand of the side having pain. Now, rub the ice in the space between the thumb and the forefinger. You will have to do this till the area gets numb. According to researchers, this works because it stops brain signals to the brain.

Clove oil:

It is one of the best emergency toothache relief medicines as it is natural. This will numb the pain in no time. Just apply it directly on the sore area and see the pain go. It is the ingredient that you find in the over the counter pain relief gels.


Consider placing some chopped pieces of garlic on your tooth or chewing it right away. This will reduce the pain by a huge margin. The only minus point that you might feel is that it gives an awful breath to you for some hours.

Toothache plant:

The name suggests it all. It actually has many types growing up all over the world and is actually used in number of products. Though it is not too clear that if it really works in relieving the pain but also seems to be safe and the best bet in times of emergency.

After the pain starts and persists, you should seek professional help as soon as possible but till your dentist does not gives you the tooth pain medicine name, these remedies will surely be of great help. Moreover it is always good to have some knowledge as to how to keep yourself out of pain until you get to the expert. This will also cause the pain not to spread much and cause more problems. Hope this article helps you when you get into this pain the next time.

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