Don’t let your Dental Problems get in the way!

The way we look is an important part of our personality.  It reflects our attitude, deliver the level of our confidence and help people track our potential for a particular task. Yet, how many of us are aware that our dental system too is a vital part of our personality as well.  Our smile holds the power to not only make people around us cheery, but in cases, it helps us attain a certain job as well.  For example, you study in a class. And your teacher arrives 15 minutes late to your class. When he enters, he explains the reason for his delay as traffic with no smile on his face and immediately carries on with his chapter.

This is certain to draw out your frenzy and label him a rude attitude personality. On the other hand, if the same teacher entered with a smiley face and explains that he got caught up in traffic and says like this- “Hello dears, I thought I was going to miss seeing your lovely faces today, but I couldn’t let a small traffic hold me from doing that”. Now you decide for yourself, which side of this teacher you liked more?

Exactly – A Smile Matters! So let us see some tips to help you keep your dental system healthy and see the symptoms that you need remedies if your dental nerve system is damaged.

Symptoms of Dental Nerve Damage

It is possible to track the healthiness of your dental system, if you take enough care and are always diligent. For instance, if you ever feel your chin, lips or gums smarting, you should quickly book an appointment with your nearest dentist.

These discussed above are all dentist nerve damage symptoms that are of a very surface and preliminary level. It gets worse when the nerve damage may also affect our other systems. For example, if you suddenly feel a loss of taste, it is a sign that your dental nerve is getting severe.

Tooth Nerve Damage Remedy

Do not worry! Our teeth nerve damage can be repaired. You may replicate these home-based remedies that can be helpful!


Essential Oil

You can use clove oil/ Peppermint essential oil. Cloves contain eugenol. It is a strong chemical naturally found in clove which is both: anesthetic and antiseptic. Peppermint contains Menthol. It is a natural ingredient that is known for strong antibacterial properties. Until you book an appointment, you may try rubbing some clove oil onto your teeth to number them and stop the infection from spreading for the time being.

Using Mustard oil and salt scrub

This remedy is one from my mom’s store. Yes take a pinch of salt and soak it in mustard oil. Now rub your teeth thoroughly with this scrub, and massage for about 3-4 minutes. Make sure that you do not apply too much pressure with your figures. Just a light massage! This will provide relief temporarily.

Severe Tooth Pain Relief

If the tooth pain is unbearable, you can try these methods. However, if the pain is unbearable, book an appointment quickly with the preferred doctor.

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